Fortune Cookies

fortune cookie

Fortune cookies can be the best part of eating Chinese take-out.  I love opening through the package and tearing the cookie apart to get that tiny piece of paper.  I even enjoy eating that stale cookie!  If I had to write sayings to go inside a fortune cookie, here would be my first ten:

  1. Always choose kindness
  2. Being brave isn’t always about standing in front of the fiercest giant
  3. Laugh hard, and enjoy a piece of chocolate
  4. Your attitude is louder than your voice
  5. Never leave out experience in the process of learning
  6. Attitude is a choice, choose wisely
  7. Don’t sit idling while everyone else accomplishes your dreams
  8. Laugh, laugh hard and often
  9. Find the kind of love that keeps you in awe and short of breath, then never let it go
  10. God is full of grace and forgiveness, learn to be the same

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