Alphabetical Advice

A-Achieve Your Goals, Don’t Just Set Them

B-Be Active

C-Celebrate Others and Their Accomplishments

D-Decide For Yourself Who You Will Become

E-Effectively Communicate

F-Follow Through With Your Plans

G-Go New Places

H-Help Those in Need

I-Include Everyone, Always

J-Joy Lasts Longer than Happiness

K-Kindness Wins Against Hate

L-Listen to New Ideas and Learn From Old Ones

M-Make Your Own Moves

N-Never Stop Trying

O-Organization Helps You Get to Where You Want to Go

P-Play Well with Others

Q-Question Everything and Listen to the Answers

R-Rest with Your Family and Friends

S-Sabbaticals are Healthy

T-Take Risks But Watch Out For Crap, That Just Stinks

U-Unplug from Technology Occasionally

V-Vocalize for Those Who Can’t

W-Workout and Get Sweaty, Repeat the Next Day

X-Xenodochial Practices Make for Lasting Friendships

Y-You are Enough

Z-Zip through Land-minds, Don’t Linger In Them

*I wanted to write something tonight, but seemed to be having a huge writer’s block. I also wanted to write something quick. I came across this article, 21 Clever Writing Prompts. I used the first prompt, Make a list of alphabetical advice.


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