The Fabulous Phee

It has been quite some time since I have written about my children on a blog. Sometimes I am reluctant to expose them to the inter webs due to cruel people that exist in this world. However, today I just have to post this video of my sweet, spunky, sassy, brilliant girl. Sophia stole a piece of my heart the instant she was born and my heart strings have never been the same. I can safely say that each of my children hold a significant portion of my heart, and the love that I can share today is because of the many things that they have taught me. God has used them to grow and stretch my love beyond what I could ever think was possible.

Sophia (Phee) has been studying rocks in her class and she decided that she would tell me all about what she has been learning. During production, her brother decided to aggravate her and apparently he ruined her video. This was just too funny not to share! Enjoy a glimpse into my crazy life!


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