How to Be Fancy

I grew up in a small, country town with my parents and three brothers. Our nearest mall was 25 miles away and consisted of about 10 stores. There was a larger mall in a larger town, but it took a solid 45 minutes to get there. While I pride myself in being from Savannah,my father’s job as a minister caused us to move away from the beautiful city and into a much simpler life. I am so thankful that my childhood was not focused on the hubbub of busy streets, fast schedules, and calendars that were too full. My brothers and I played outside, rode our bikes, made tents, and cooked mud pies.  Needless to say, with little influence from the outside world, I was a tomboy. I wore ponytails and chose to forego heels as a teen for barefeet. My first car was a Dodge which I traded in for a hunter green Jeep Wrangler. I loved to listen to music and ride with the top down. My best friend was three years younger than me and also enjoyed sports and family.

I remember hearing the ultrasound technician saying, “it’s a girl.” My heart leaped with excitement. We had a beautiful boy who taught us how to be parents and now we would have the opportunity to raise a girl!  Myself, not being super into pink and purple, began to wonder what kind of things would she be into. I loved sports, music, art, photography, things that were not defined as strictly female or male. In a world where little girls are taught to be princesses and to love tutus, I rejected that stereotype and decided that I would allow my girls to choose what activities and styles they like.

I should have known that Emma would be my petite princess when she got her hair washed for the first time. Most babies cry when receiving their first bath, but not Emma. She came out loving all things pink and shiny. In efforts to be a good mom, I began to embrace pink and purple tutus. If the bow was big, I bought bigger because that is what she liked.

Two years later, Emma had a sister. She burst into this world with a handful of glitter and has shimmered ever since. She wants things to only be pretty and fancy. She is particular about her clothes, shoes, hair. And while it doesn’t always match, she wears skirts with a crazy top, or leggings with knee socks pulled over them. Emma is mild compared to Sophie when it comes to all things girly. I thought I had my hands full with just Emma, but I have quickly realized that Emma is my calm child!


Just a few pictures of the girls that fully show their personalities. 


I love the way that these two look at life. Everything is beautiful and we should all dance a little more. This past week I overheard the two talking about rules. It immediately grabbed my attention and I curiously looked at the two deciding which stick Emma would need since she was the teacher. Sophia quickly dictated which stick and the two girls proceeded on with their conversation.

“Okay Sophia, what is rule number one?”

Phee replied with ease

I quickly grabbed my phone and began to type vigorously as the girls dictated their rules. Occasionally I would ask them to repeat a rule or asked for an explanation. They would smile and answer my questions. According to my girls, there are rules to being fancy, and of course they know them all. So in a proud mother moment, I present to you the Blackwood Girls’ rules to being fancy…and in the order as presented.

  1. Walk in high heels
  2. Don’t heak (hop up and down) or squeak (high pitch shrill)
  3. Don’t pick your nose
  4. Don’t fart
  5. Do not squat like “ooooh”
  6. How we dance? We tango…on a date
  7. Don’t hatter(jump) or patter (pat your hands on your body)
  8. Eat properly
  9. Don’t burp. After you burp say “excuse me.”
  10. Wear fancy clothes.
  11. Be fancy all of the time.

After the girls finished their list, they decided to add a few additional rules.

  • Make sure you don’t even think about pattering (tapping/patting your hair with your hand) on your hair when it is fixed.
  • Don’t pout if someone gets something else that you didn’t get.
  • Make sure you are good at being fancy.
  • If you squeak (not to be confused with rule number 2), that means you are excited.
  • Don’t even think about picking up nasty things.
  • Don’t even think about putting your wet nails (from being painted) in food.
  • Don’t even think about picking up a worm or baby foxes (because you know, they are everywhere).

So if you are getting ready for a date and trying to figure out what is proper, feel free to use this list as a guideline in how to snag your man!

And I can’t share about the girls without giving a shout out to this little man. He is the best big brother to my girls. He tolerates their wild whims and charades. He is so supportive of them and makes sure that they are always taken care of.

I love this boy and his heart! I can’t wait to share more about him throughout the years to come.


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