A Mother’s Day Prayer

As we celebrate all of the many women who hold the role of mother, let us be ever mindful of the women who carry great pain today. For the women who did not have a loving and nourishing mother as a child, may she be filled with love and hope. For the women who cannot be with their mothers due to death, may they be filled with peace. For the single mother doing the best she can, may she feel the strength of a community around her. For the mother who feels like she is constantly failing, may she feel grace and compassion. For the mother is who experiencing disappointment from a child, may she feel acceptance and no shame. For the mother whose womb is empty, may she feel grace to work through that grief. For the mother who lost a child that no eye ever saw, may her quiet grief be met with comfort. For the mothers who lost a child, may she be able to find joy again. For the women who want to love those around her and have not children of her own, may she experience freedom from societal expectation. 

All women (and men) carry a special story that is unique to them. As humans doing community together, may we always try to build up one another and be encouraging. I am thankful for a mother who taught me this, and I can only hope to be like her. I am also thankful for the three munchkins that call me mama. Be blessed today in all that you do.


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